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Maintenance Hangar
  • Hangar Aviation

    Horse Farm one challenge the architect facing is that he has to make proper plan and ensure the location of horse farm to be constructed based on predominant wind direction. First thing you have to do is to make proper plan for site planning, there are following suggestion to...
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  • Aircraft Hangar

    horse barn plans Horse barn plans should be located around hills and plans to deal with water disposal in order to avoid spending a large amount of money improving water drainage system after completion of building. Even though outdoor site is built neatly, consideration...
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  • Commercial Hangar for Sale

    Ocean View Villa Dongfanghan ocean view villa complex located in Dongfanghan International Tourist Restore in Penglai Shandong Provence China. Its style includes Euro-classicism architecture ,French palace architecture, British architecture, Neo Chinese architecture, Modern...
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  • Commercial Hangar

    Commercial Hangar Emirates Airlines launched a 3D model for seat in its cabin on its, becoming the first airline to adopt the virtual technology on the digital platform. Relying on visual engine, 3D seat model offer passengers a 360 degree and all dimensional...
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  • Airplane Maintenance Facility

    Commercial Hangar for Sale According to COMAC, the overall project for the first C919 passenger plane divides into two phases. The first phase is to connect body. C919 airliner’s body is designed by Development and Research of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. The...
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  • Maintenance Hangar

    Maintenance Hangar Located in northwestern corner of the brand new airport, the largest maintenance hangar has been initially taken into shape. The reporters found that the maintenance hangar, built by China Southern Airlines, is capable of accommodating 12 airplanes to be...
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