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Advantages of light steel structure
Aug 28, 2018

Light steel structure technology and product configuration is very mature, high degree of industrialization, North America nearly hundred years of construction technology and building materials industry development crystallization.

The corrosion resistance of galvanized steel sheet used in building structure is excellent and durable, and its service life is 275 years under normal use. The seismic performance of light steel structures is much better than that of traditional concrete and brick masonry houses. At the same time, due to light steel structure of light weight, the weight of the unit area is only equivalent to the same area of brick-concrete weight of 1/4, so its basic treatment is simple, suitable for most geological conditions.

Steel-framed homes are no longer as worried about termite damage as wooden houses. Because the structure of the steel used by the factory processing, so light steel structure Villa structural precision is quite high, a villa structure composed of tens of thousands of components, the average error of each component less than 2 mm, to ensure that the quality of the house, is the traditional way of building can not be achieved.

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