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Corrosion Protection of steel components
Aug 28, 2018

Most of the anti-corrosion treatment of steel components in the production of the northern region or relatively dry environment, can also increase the primer a dry film thickness of 70-80 microns, cancel the intermediate paint. Anti-Corrosion treatment can be divided into silane, phosphorus chemical control rust → galvanized or primer → middle-level paint → topcoat several processes to complete.

According to the use of light steel structure, geographical location, climate conditions, to determine the anti-corrosion scheme and the basic requirements of each process. The surface of steel members treated by shot peening (or sandblasting) is generally up to the national standard Sa2.5 level, minimum is not less than Sa2 level, after the treatment of the component to start brushing the primer within 8 hours, primer general use red Dan Alkyd antirust Primer, Inorganic zinc-rich primer and epoxy zinc-rich primer, anti-corrosion ability is good zinc-rich primer, The content of zinc powder in dry paint film can reach more than 80%, which has a good cathodic protection function to prevent electrochemical rust.

The intermediate paint uses the scale-like middle paint more, the paint film pigment is layered arrangement, can improve the shielding effect of the coating, increase the water vapor, carbon dioxide infiltration resistance, played a role in enhancing the anti-corrosion effect, and the surface paint more use alkyd blending paint, aliphatic polyurethane paint, or better anti-corrosion epoxy topcoat and fluorocarbon paint

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