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Introduction of light steel structure
Aug 28, 2018

Light steel structure is a young and very vitality of the steel structure system, has been widely used in general industrial and agricultural, commercial, service buildings, such as office buildings, villas, warehouses, sports venues, entertainment, tourism and low, multi-storey residential buildings and other fields. Light steel is also a relatively vague term, generally can have two kinds of understanding. One is the current "Steel Structure Design Code" (GBJ 17-88) in the 11th chapter, "Round Steel, small angle steel light structure," refers to the use of round steel and less than l45*4 and l56*36*4 of the light steel structure, mainly in the lack of steel in the years used for the use of reinforced concrete structure of small structures is now basically not used, so the design of the steel structure has been basically revised to remove the trend.

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