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Advantages Of Steel Structure
Aug 28, 2018

Steel, "bulk weight and strength ratio " Generally less than wood, concrete and masonry, so the steel structure is lighter, compared with the reinforced concrete structure should be light 30%-50%; In addition, the steel section is small, compared with the reinforced concrete structure can increase the effective area of 8%. The Songhua River Steel truss bridge constructed in early 20th century in China, the Yellow River bridge, Shanghai International Hotel and so on have adopted the steel structure; After the founding of New China, the development speed of steel structure of civil high-rise building in China is further accelerated, the more than 10 high-rise steel structure building in Beijing occupies six buildings: Jing Guang Center (208 meters high), capital Mansion (182 meters high), International Trade Building (155.2 meters high), Long Fu Palace Hotel (90.9 meters high), Shangri-La Hotel (82.7 meters high), China ICBC headquarters (48.3 meters high), as well as the construction of the National Grand Theater Project. Hundreds of large airports nationwide will be designed with steel structures to speed up construction and increase space. This shows that the high speed development of the economy needs steel structure

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