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Characteristics Of Steel Structure
Aug 28, 2018

Industrial and civil construction facilities made of steel are called steel structures

1. The steel structure is light in quality, high in strength and wide in span.

2. The construction period of steel structure is short, and the investment cost is reduced correspondingly.

3. High fire resistance of steel structure building, strong anti-corrosion.

4, steel structure to move conveniently, recycling pollution-free, good environmental protection.

5, low investment in steel structure construction, economic benefits.

6. Steel structures are widely used in plant, warehouse, restaurant, gymnasium, large market, leisure and resort places. Steel structure of the plant mainly refers to the main load-bearing components are composed of steel.

Including steel pillar, steel girder, steel base, steel roof truss (plant span is relatively large, basically now are steel truss), steel roof, pay attention to the wall of steel can also be used to maintain brick walls.

Due to the increase in steel production in China, many have begun to use steel factory buildings, concrete can also be divided into light and heavy steel factory buildings.

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