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Condition Of Steel Structure
Aug 28, 2018

Policy, technical conditions have been available. Earlier this year, the Ministry of Construction, the State Metallurgical Industry Bureau jointly organized the Construction of Steel technical Coordination Group to formulate "national construction steel Structure Industrial" "XV" plan and the 2015 Development plan outline. The outline clearly states: The steel structure has the advantages of high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, fast construction speed, low foundation cost, small footprint, high industrial degree, beautiful appearance and so on, in addition, the steel structure building has good sense of space, can be designed into a large number of open office around the Sky Garden, The central patio plus a reasonable elevator design can achieve the lowest energy consumption. Therefore, the steel structure is environment-friendly and energy-saving structure. Compared with the concrete structure it is environmentally friendly and reusable, easy to industrialize the structure of the developed countries in the building of widely used steel structure. Jinrongjie is the most modern city of Beijing block, in view of the many advantages of steel structure housing, as the current financial street only high-grade apartments, in order to create a more comfortable sense of space and more energy conservation, Jin Yu apartment designed to become a high-grade steel structure residential, and was rated as the outline of the first Beijing Ministry of Construction Residential steel structure system demonstration project, but also Beijing is currently the only small high-rise steel structure residential projects.

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