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Daily Maintenance And Maintenance
Aug 28, 2018

In the use of steel structure workshop, reasonable maintenance and maintenance, can effectively prolong the service life of the plant.

The main points of daily maintenance and maintenance of steel construction plant: 1, in the Steel factory installation, you can not change its structure, can not remove any bolts and other components, can not increase or reduce the partition, if you need to change what part of the words must be negotiated with manufacturers, by the manufacturer to judge can not be changed. Steel structure in the use of about 3 years after the need to use paint maintenance, so as to give the architecture and beauty and security.

Steel structure plant is connected with the steel structure parts, so in the use of electrical equipment, such as wire what the application of wire groove pipe isolation, lest an electric shock accident. 2, steel factory must regularly carry out cleaning and maintenance, under normal circumstances, a year to carry out a check maintenance. Steel factory outside the wall cleaning need to pay attention to not disorderly phenomenon, can not use steel wire ball, scrubbing and other abrasive cleaning products, clean water should be washed from the top down. The steel structure workshop has the branch, the leaf and so on similar object should clean up in time, lest the backlog causes unnecessary trouble. Steel workshop metal Plate Surface If there is damage to timely repair to prevent rain and rain corrosion metal plate surface.

If there is a need to use all high elastic nano-materials, used to protect metal roof panels, and play an effective role of heat insulation and waterproof, saving indoor air conditioning energy. The maintenance and maintenance of steel structure Workshop has a great relationship with the service life of steel structure, so the owner should pay enough attention to it.

If in the maintenance and maintenance of what problems, and professional steel manufacturers to contact, get help.

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