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Development Model Of Steel Structure
Aug 28, 2018

Energy-saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and industrialization. In the last few years of 20th century, the construction of urban housing in our country has developed rapidly with an annual completed area of 440 million square meters, with a gross output value of 600 billion yuan (about gdp9%), and the housing industry has become a new growth point in the new century of national economy. To realize the modernization of the housing industry, to solve the problems such as low industrialization level, low quality of department and low grade of residential lumber, low life, high energy consumption of solid clay bricks, which is not conducive to environmental protection, has been included in the new century urgent problems to be solved. The construction industry of our country requires the whole industry to study the new system of steel structure application in all kinds of buildings, enlarge its application scope and develop multi-layer steel structure construction. International, American designers and architects attach great importance to the study of metal structure and its durability, practicality and economy, European experts suggested that steel structure with green building conditions, that is conducive to the protection of the environment, energy-saving buildings. They think that metal structure building has a good sense of space, can achieve innovative planning and space design, architecture, not only live, use, but also should consider for people to create more comfortable space, save energy space. Japan's 1998 steel production 59 million tons, building structure of steel accounted for 13%, and steel structure in the structure of steel for a considerable proportion of the city, Hong Kong is full of high-rise buildings everywhere

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