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  • Steel Warehouses

    Equine Construction Equine construction serves as a basic unit of horse house or horse shelter. By taking a cursory look at it, there is obvious and glaring difference between horse boarding...
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  • Steel Structural Warehouse

    Horse Arena Construction Design for horse arena construction is quite professional knowledge. We do not jump to conclusion on such aspect. Based on experience for design gained from visiting horse...
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  • Prefabricated Warehouses

    Horse Boarding Facility You want to convert the existing building into horse boarding facility or just build this from nothing. However, as an important part of life of horse, this facility should...
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  • Steel Frame Warehouses

    Steel Horse Riding Arena Well-operated steel horse riding arena plan places emphasis on the balance between its location and its surrounding environment and great attention being paid to the...
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  • Container House

    Equestrian Arena Construction Well designed equestrian arena construction can prevent horses from being damages and maintain dry environment for horse in the bad weather conditions and at the same...
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  • Steel Workshop

    Equestrian Stable Equestrian stable and indoor pavilion can protect horses from being affected by capricious weather conditions, so there is obvious and glaring difference in geographical...
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  • Prefabricated Workshop

    Prefabricated Metal Horse Barns For people who have great passion or enthusiasm for horses, we naturally treat them as our playing mate or intimate friend or family. When it comes to horse stable,...
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  • Steel Frame Workshop

    Equestrian Facility If the construction of equestrian facility starts at very beginning, time and money play a decisive factor in building material. There is no denying that building of brick...
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  • Structural Steel Workshop

    Steel Structural Warehouse Sound Insulation The effect of sound insulation is an important indicator for the assessment of residential. Light steel system walls formed light steel structure,...
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  • Steel Building

    steel frame warehouses The space frame structure is flexible in shape and can be designed in various shapes, so that this structure can be able to meet different requirements from our customers...
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  • Steel Frame Building

    Container House Container house is a type of building system that gives rise to fashion that prevails in building industry. This construction can be moved anywhere you want in every corner, which...
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  • Structural Steel Building

    Structural Steel Workshop The wall and roof of structural steel workshop adopt new energy saving and environmental material, making a completely closed weatherproof system, avoiding “Cold bridge”...
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