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Steel Framed Horse Stables

  • Equine Construction

    Steel Workshop High strength should be main subject of steel structure, which significantly increases yield point strength. In addition, new type of structural steel should be rolled, such as H steel (wide flange steel) ,T steel and profiled steel plate that are fitted for...
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  • Horse Arena Construction

    steel frame workshop How many steel structures a country or a region has marks the degree to which the economy develop and how economic power is it. National economy has increased significantly and overall national strength has enhanced, thus China has become the No.1 country...
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  • Horse Boarding Facility

    Steel Building Roofing system roofing system of residence of light steel structure Roofing system consists of roofing frame, structural OSB panel, waterproof layer, light roofing tiles(metal or asphalt tiles) and other connecting components. As for the roofing system of Might...
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  • Steel Horse Riding Arena

    Structural Steel Building Equipment steel structure refers to steel structure part of large-size equipment. Based on the experiences accumulated by technical personnel, the following structure should be fell under equipment steel structure: tower steel structure of bridge...
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  • Equestrian Arena Construction

    Building Structure Performance index 1、Strength The strength index of steel consists of elastic limit as σe, yield limit as σy and tensile limit as σu. In design, steel bases on yield strength which is designed to reduce steel weight to save amount of steel and construction...
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  • Equestrian Stable

    Prefabricated Warehouses Prefabricated warehouse is structure made of steel plate, hot rolling section bar, cold and bending section bar and welding section bar through connection components that can sustain and pass load. Steel structure system has overall advantages such as...
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  • Equestrian Facility

    Structure in Building Anti-seismic Property The roofing system of most of low-rise villa are designed for pitched roof, so that the basic roofing structure basically consists of triangular roof frame system made of cold rolled section steel. When structural plates and plaster...
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  • Horse Shed

    The Building Structure In comparison with other type of constructions, steel structure has advantage in terms of usage, design, construction and overall economic aspect. It is also low construction cost and easy for demolition and installation. 1.In comparison with...
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  • Horse Barn

    Prefabricated Workshop The steel prefabricated workshop is new type of building structure, integrating the real estate, construction building and metallurgic industry into a brand new industrial system. That is a reason why so many insiders hold optimistic attitude toward the...
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  • Horse House

    Airplane Maintenance Facility Airplane maintenance facility is designated area designed for airplane to be repaired and maintained within airport. Within airplane maintenance facility area, there are body structure, power plane(engine), aircraft accessories(built-in...
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  • Horse Farm Building

    Prefab Building Prefab building is commonly named as prefabricated building which is built in an industrialized production mode. In this mode, part or all component or components of building will be manufactured previously then transported to the place where the construction...
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  • Building Stables

    Detached Villa Villa is an improved residence house, which can be built in the suburbs or scenic spots for recuperation. It is built to enjoy the pleasure of life. Generally speaking, in addition to the basic function as living, Detached villa features the superb quality of...
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