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Prefabricated Warehouses

Prefabricated Warehouses

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Prefabricated Warehouses

Prefabricated warehouse is structure made of steel plate, hot rolling section bar, cold and bending section bar and welding section bar through connection components that can sustain and pass load. Steel structure system has overall advantages such as light weight, industrial product model, easy and fast installation, short-terms construction, good anti-seismic, fast investment return and less environmental pollution. In comparison with reinforced concrete structure, prefabricated warehouse features unique advantage in terms of height, size and weight. In the worldwide, especially developed countries, steel structure is widely and reasonably used in the constructional engineering area. Steel structure industry is commonly divided into light steel structure, high-rise steel structure, residential steel structure, spatial steel structure and bridge steel structure.

prefabricated steel component

Based on the sequence of installation and process requirements, prefabrication and installation of steel component should be implemented on the steel working platform, with a view to ensuring the welding quality.

Space in joint seam between matching frange plate and web seam should be larger than 200mm. The length of frange plate should not be less than that 2 times wider than plate, web plate not less than 300mm with length of not less than 600mm. In order to make welding process easy and ensure the welding quality, reinforcing rib, connecting rib, base plate and outrigger on the upright and beam should be assembly welding according to the sizes set in the working plan.

According to the industrial development, attention have been arouse in offshore oil engineering, residential house and steel structure bridge among relevant competent authorities. Such industry will definitely achieve the goal of double time if attention is paid and encouraged.

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